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Team Super Dad is my mission to ensure good men fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams. Most of all that they create the time, freedom and money to be best the Dad they can possibly be. 

Being a Daddy should be the most more rewarding job of our lives. With any luck you have fallen in love and created a family. It should be fun. It should be rewarding. We should be building for our future and creating awesome little human beings. So why does it go so wrong for so many Dads?

Whether you have kept your relationship alive or you are rebuilding your life after divorce, separation or loss, Team Super Dad gives you the tools and knowledge to achieve the life you deserve.

The money, the home, the friends, holidays and quality time with your children that you always wanted.

Team Super Dad was a vision I had whilst climbing a mountain in Austria. My marriage was over. My head was a mess. You can read that story below. 

Inside of Team Super Dad is a community of Dads, mentors and friends. You receive coaching on the key elements of life – Health, Wealth and Happiness. We work on rebuilding your confidence so that you can move forward as quickly as possible, without making the mistakes other Dads have made whilst rebuilding their lives. 

Read on. Get inspired. Join Team Super Dads.

The 3 Keys To A Super Dad Life

Make it happen

The secret to building the life of your dreams is taking control of the three key areas of the Super Dad life – Health, Wealth and Fun. For Dad’s struggling in their relationship or dealing with divorce, separation or loss life can feel pretty empty.  Team Super Dad is about getting you back in the Zone. We do this by providing the knowledge, direction and support in each of these 3 key areas of life. You can join the free Facebook Group or take the REBUILD programme and become part of Team Super Dad HQ.


To be your best you need to feel your best. You do not need to be fitness or nutrition maniac but you do need to know what it takes to feel energised. You will discover what your body needs and learn to love who you see in the mirror. Creating healthy habits and having fun doing it is the foundation of the Health program. 

  • Having energy and feeling great.
  • Enjoying fitness and fun together.
  • Eating right and enjoying it.
  • Having a pain free body.


Money! Life is certainly easier when we are not worrying about our finances. On a day to day basis, our stress levels are impacted by the simple choices that having or not having money affect. Bizarrly in life few of us are taught about making, managing or growing our money. In Team Super Dad our goal is for you to be debt free, with an emergency fund, enjoying your life and building for the future.

  • Get out of debt and in control.
  • Earning and making more money sensibly.
  • Investing and growing your finances.
  • Planning for retirement (as early as possible!)


Our circumstances should not dictate our happiness but too often they do. And when they persist mental health problems creep in. Our relationships stand no chance when we are depressed. On the opposite side, when we can laugh, feel optimistic and count on those around us then life is easy to enjoy. Creating fun in our lives is vital. From relationships, to faith, to our own personal power, when you can master your emotions and keep a positive attitude, then truly anything is possible. Even firewalking!

  • Learn to believe in yourself.
  • Master relationships and your emotions.
  • Laughter and being positive.
  • Creating friendships and falling in love.

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