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Going through a divorce or break up? As a Dad, this can feel like the end of everything you’ve worked hard to build—your relationship, your family, your home. It’s tough, but not the end.

At High Value Man, we’ve been there. Drained from marriages that didn’t last, bruised from custody battles, and every challenge in between. This isn’t the end for you; it’s a fresh start to rebuild stronger, happier, and more successful than ever.

Take Back Control: Rebuild Your Life

Being 100% DAD

Transitioning from married life to single dad life has its challenges but you would not be reading this if you are not a committed loving dad. That is your baseline.

Being a divorced single dad is different but it’s better than trying to be the dad you want to be inside a broken relationship.

Securing 50/50 contact is likely your goal but assuming that can or has been achieved the life you want starts here. You will have more focused time with them. It will be on your terms.

Being the dad you want to be, creating a new family home and making wonderful memories with your children. 


Imagine thriving during the time your children are not with you. Many single dads drag themselves down by focusing negatively on the time they are not with their children. Whilst this is hard at the start (it was for me too) it becomes a brilliant alternative to being a traditional Dad.

You get to be 100% for your children when they are with you AND 100% for yourself when they are not with you. It is actually pretty great.

From hobbies, to work, to finding a new relationship there is zero point moping around when you do not have your children. The quicker you rebuild your life the better. A High Value Man uses this time to enjoy life, to create more success and to become a better version of himself.

After all, that is what your children want to see.


The High Value Man Project is a blueprint for living the life they desire, not one you feel stuck in. HVM has many divorced and single dads within its ranks. It is a measure of men being committed to having it all for themselves and of course their children.


The principles of the High Value Man lifestyle follow 4 key areas of life. Pillars which your single dad rebuild will be be based upon. As I rebuilt my own life after divorce I realised how I should have been living like this from the start. You will learn new strategies and habits for mastering your life.

Plus you get the power of the shared experiences from other men who have walked the path ahead of you already.


Your mindset, your knowledge, your fitness, diet and sleep. Putting you first so you can be more for others.


Your money and business. Financial security brings you freedom.


Your connection to your wife, children, family and friends, mentors and network.


Your fun, adventure and peace. What is the point of life if you are not enjoying the hell out of it.



Define a clear vision of who you are, what you want and why you want it.


Clarity gives you a vision of where you are headed. Without this direction you are left demotivated and frustrated by day to day life.


Mastering your thoughts and emotions so that you can take on each and every goal you set.


Never be stopped by doubt, frustation or other people holding you back. Control who you are being and what you think in every situation.


Set yourself up to win with habits and routines that consistently mean you hit your targets.


From your environment, to the people around you and the knowledge you need, commitment is your access to creating the life you want.


SINGLE DAD Success Stories

Meet the men and single dads who've transformed their lives with the High Value Man program. From rebuilding after divorce to achieving unparalleled success, discover the power of living a High Value Man lifestyle.

Finance Consultant - Dad of 2 - NW England
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"Starting to work with Jonnie came at a tough time for me. I had success at work, but my home life was filled with despair, loneliness, and a crippling lack of confidence and mood. I truly felt alone. Being introduced to Jonnie and his work has changed my life. I've rediscovered myself. Jonnie is not only brilliant but also shares his incredible life experiences in a way that's transformative. Now, I clearly know what I want and whom to ask. I was lost, but now I'm found. An imploding relationship can devastate your confidence, but thanks to Jonnie, I've regained mine, and now the possibilities ahead of me are vast and exciting. If you're considering working with Jonnie, my advice is simple: GO for it! The structure and support he provides are exactly what you need. Jonnie is honest, reliable, and positive. Beyond just listening, he offers invaluable advice and isn't afraid to give you the push you need. I wouldn't be where I am today without his help."
Business Owner - Dad of 2 - Shropshire, England
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"When I joined the High Value Man Project with Jonnie and the team, I was looking for a way to zero in on what really matters: my family, work, and health. What I found was a program that didn't just talk the talk but walked me through it, every step of the way. Accountability was key. It wasn't about doing more; it was about doing what's right for me, and that's been a game-changer. The biggest shift? Stability. It sounds simple, but feeling steady and focused in a world full of noise is a big deal. I've even taken up running again, competing with a local club, which has been incredible for my mental and physical health. To anyone on the fence about joining, think of it this way: the program cuts through the noise, helping you focus on what's truly important. It's been invaluable for me, and I reckon it could be for you too."
48 - Business Owner Financial Services - Dad of 3 - South Coast, England
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"I joined the High Value Man Project because I was juggling all of life's demands and I needed something just for me. It turned out to be exactly that - a moment to pause, assess, and build habits that actually work for me. The program is like putting your foot on the ball in the middle of a game; it gives you that space to think, plan, and then go for it with all you've got. Since starting, not only do I look and feel better, but my relationships have improved dramatically. I've found a balance I didn't know I was missing. My BMI is back to normal, and I'm moving with a spring in my step I hadn't felt in years. You might think you can get these results on your own, but the truth is, it's the focused guidance and the compound effect of good habits that really make the difference. If you're on the fence about joining, take it from me: this program is the nudge you need to start making real, impactful changes."
47 - Busines Owner Construction - Dad of 2 - London, England
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"Joining the High Value Man Project, I was in search of practical tools to navigate personal challenges. What I found was refreshingly straightforward—no hype, just focused work on key life areas, setting goals, and crafting long-term strategies. This approach has broadened my focus, enhancing my ability to self-reflect and tackle issues head-on. The true achievement? Continuous progress. The real value of this program is hard to sum up until you're in it, and even more so when you look back. The immediate benefits are clear, but the deeper impact unfolds over time. It turns out, this was exactly what I needed. If you're on the fence, take the leap. The support and guidance from Jonnie and the team are invaluable. Sign up, dive in, and experience the transformation for yourself."
HGV Driver - Dad of 1 - Brighton
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"The breakdown of my relationship really knocked me sideways and left me feeling lost. That's when I decided to get on a High Value Man call with Jonnie and the team, hoping to find some direction. During the call, what really stood out was how Jonnie didn't rush. He took his time, listened to what I had to say, and offered sound advice. He gave more time than what was planned, and that meant a lot. As for what's next, I'm going to create a plan for my future, one that's about not making the same mistakes again, especially now that I'm aware of them. To anyone thinking about a Power Call with Jonnie, I’d say go for it. It was a really powerful call with no sales pitch involved. It's worth it."
48 - Project Manager Construction - Dad of 3 - Staffordshire, England
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"After ending a toxic relationship and feeling stuck career-wise, I turned to the High Value Man Project for a change. The online training wasn't just easy to follow; it was a catalyst for a much-needed reset in my life. Sometimes it was the kick I needed to get things moving again. The power calls with Jonnie were a game-changer for me. His positivity is infectious, leaving me more confident and uplifted after every conversation. My fitness has skyrocketed, and I feel empowered and optimistic about where I'm headed. Even my kids are enjoying our time together more. Getting involved with a men's charity, reconnecting with friends, and planning live music events has filled my life with excitement and purpose again. For anyone feeling stuck and in search of motivation, Jonnie's your guy. His energy could power a city, and his guidance is spot-on. Believe me, if he could bottle his enthusiasm, he'd make a fortune. Jump in; it's worth it."
39 - Dad of 3 - Cambridge
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Tom’s Revival: "Feeling lost in my role at home was debilitating, but the High Value Man Project reshaped me. It wasn’t only about self-improvement; it was about creating an environment where my wife and kids could thrive too. The tension has lifted, and happiness has returned to our home. It wasn’t easy, but Jonnie’s support made it possible, and the results have been profoundly worth it."
41 - Digital Marketing - Dad of 2 - London
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"High Value Man helped me at a critical moment when my family life was on the brink. The tools and strategies Jonnie provided weren't just about fixing problems; they were about rebuilding and strengthening. Now, my relationships with my wife and children are the best they've ever been. We've rediscovered joy and laughter, and the deep connections we've formed are priceless. Jonnie’s guidance was a beacon during my darkest times, and for that, I am immensely grateful."
RichBusiness Owner - Dad of 2 - Kent
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"I joined Jonnie’s High Value Man Project to escape the monotony that life had become. The program revitalised my passions and pushed me towards new adventures like attending concerts and going on hiking trips. It’s been more than just fun; it’s been transformative. Jonnie’s encouragement and support have been crucial in helping me turn the page and start this exciting new chapter in my life."
Derek46 - Engineer - Dad of 3 - Cumbria
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"Running a business non-stop was exhausting. Joining the High Value Man Project made me realize I was trying to do everything on my own, which limited our success and was burning me out. Thanks to Jonnie, that’s all changed. Now, I look forward to work, and I’m not just a better leader; I’m a better man at home. His insights have not only improved my business efficiency but have also enhanced my personal life."

More Success Stories


The High Value Man program is built on core principles and a transformative way of living. Its application is tailored to your unique journey, ensuring you achieve the personal breakthroughs you seek. Book your POWER CALL now to share your goals and challenges and to find out how the High Value Man program can kickstart the happy single dad life you deserve.

Isn't It Time You Chose More for Yourself?

Take the first step on your single dad journey to a better, happier, and more successful life. Don't just survive your divorce—thrive in the aftermath. With High Value Man, you'll rediscover your strengths, realign your goals, and rebuild a life that’s not just fine—it’s fantastic.