Digital Marketing Reboot

£2,200.00 inc VAT

strategic review and action plan

kick-start your existing activity

strategy – skills – tools – day to day actions


The Digital Business Reboot puts your digital marketing and sales back on track.

You’ve invested in digital marketing, people, and tools. Now you want it to work. This strategic review and action plan will help you realise what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.

It is no surprise many companies are not getting the results they deserve. They thought it was going to be free and easy but nothing seems to be happening. Now you are left with frustration and doubts. What you need is the right direction and support.

The Digital Business Reboot gives you confidence and clarity around your digital marketing. It includes a review of you people and we benchmark what you are doing against your competitors. The information taken from the audit is then used in a strategy meeting with key people in the business so that the plan of action can be created.

With the right plan in place, you can manage people better, get the most out of your tools and make more money.

The Reboot leaves you confident and focused on success.

The full range of digital marketing services from Live And Social are available to you to help carry out the recommended work. If desired – or recommended – the Reboot can be taken forward into a full Digital Business and Digital Marketing strategy.

Digital Business Reboot

  • audit of current activity
  • competitor review
  • digital skills audit of team
  • business strategy workshop
  • Reboot strategy recommendations


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