Digital Marketing Director 3 month

£2,400.00 inc VAT

strategic business and digital marketing direction

digital marketing – skills – tools & systems

influence – lead – take action



Bring in the digital marketing skills and experience your company needs.

Getting the right digital marketing expertise in your business is vital.

Many companies do not have a Digital Marketing Director or someone senior in the business with the right digital marketing experience. This is understandable but it puts your company at risk of making wrong decisions. Working with me, Jonnie Jensen, will bridge the digital gap in your business.

As a Digital Director and founder of Frontier Consulting, my work is to bring digital excellence into your business. Our work together will follow my Digital Business Power methodology. We will create a strategy, increase the digital skills of your team and implement a system that is aligned with the business goals and objectives.

This will bring your website, online content, social channels, customer communication an sales process up to date. Most importantly to structure them so that you get more website visits, generate more enquiries and convert more leads into sales.

These capabilities in your business are an asset. Whilst we will identify quick wins it is worth remembering that digital content and campaigns deliver results long after the initial investment.
I will ensure that you make informed choices, spend money appropriately and move with momentum. Working together I will bring the digital leadership your business needs, create the right structure and systems, and ensure you get the right support from specialist suppliers – including those from my own team.

The project will involve at least 2 1/2 days per month with me in your business, plus phone and email contact.

Digital Marketing Director

  • digital marketing planning and budgeting
  • blog and content planning
  • lead generation and marketing automation
  • sales performance and management strategic boardroom
  • recruitment / agency / supplier selection
  • performance reviews
  • business growth