Digital Marketing Consultancy 1/2 day

£550.00 £400.00 inc VAT

strategic business and digital marketing direction

digital marketing – skills – tools & systems

influence – lead – take action



Bring in the digital marketing skills and experience your company needs.

Getting the right digital marketing expertise in your business is vital. Whether for a one off board meeting, a day of recruitment interviews or on a short term project basis, working with me, Jonnie Jensen, could help you bridge an important gap.

Many companies do not have a Digital Marketing Director or someone senior in the business with the right digital marketing experience. This is understandable but it puts your company at risk of making wrong decisions.

You may not know what work you want carrying out but by discussing your goals, objectives and digital challenges I will help you decide what actions and next steps to take. Helping your company towards a position where it can confidently hire a senior Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Director, could put you ahead of your competitors and drive the success of your business forward.

Time with me as your digital marketing director is charged in 1/2 day blocks

Digital Marketing Director

  • recruitment interviews
  • strategic boardroom
  • agency / supplier selection
  • performance reviews
  • business growth
  • digital marketing planning and budgeting