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Digital marketing is core to every companies success. Your business needs to understand how to attract customers and drive sales using the internet. 

The problem is most companies don’t want to do it. It takes time, costs money and they think it’s complicated. They have hired someone but the boss doesn’t know if what they are doing is working. It is a constant stress

I’ve worked with companies big and small and they all ask “there must be an easier way to do this?”. 

That is why I created Digital Business Power.  You see digital marketing is not really that complicated. Most companies have a great product and a strong team. It just takes a good digital marketing plan, consistent activity and the right support.

Digital marketing success can be achieved.

Digital Business Power is my mastermind program for successful SME’s. It gives you expertise in your business without the overhead of hiring someone.

Digital marketing success is about doing the right things consistently. This is the essence of Digital Business Power and the Mastermind community. 

In Digital Business Power you put an effective in place that uses on the expertise in your business. Each quarter you focus on a content campaign that attracts the right customers to your business. Blog posts, online advertising, social media and email marketing all work to attract people and drive new enquiries. We put tools in place to help make it work easily.

Through online training, face to face meetups and individual review sessions, your company finally takes control of its digital marketing. 

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The Keys To Success

Doing The Right Thing Consistently

Digital marketing is not complicated. The most important thing to realise is that it starts with sharing knowledge and experience you already have in your business. Sure there are specialist skills that can help but you do not need to be experts at everything. When you follow the right plan consistently you will outperform your competitors, close more sales and make more money. 

Digital Marketing Plan

With a plan that focuses on the 3C’s of Contacts, Content and Conversation, you will start to increase your website traffic and social media audience. After all, think about how you use the internet. You search for something or ask for recommendations. Then you go to the websites that are offered to you. Is your business being found and recommended in this way. It needs to be. Then you just need to turn those visitors into enquires.

  • Create a strategy that focuses on your ideal customers.
  • Make a content plan that answers questions for your customers.
  • Share and promote that content in the right places.
  • Turn your website visitors into leads and enquiries.

Expert Coaching & Mastermind

Keep it simple and keep doing it. There is so much digital marketing training online and if you have hired a digital marketing person then they should have some skills already. What that person and you really need is direction and support. With the plan in place you just need to keep on track and overcome problems easily. Through regular video coaching and face to face mastermind meetups, you get my expertise in your business.

  • Digital marketing expertise in your business.
  • Group training and Q&A sessions via video calls.
  • Regular face to face Mastermind meetups.
  • Peer to peer support and accountability.

Trusted Partners & Tools

It makes no sense to try to do everything when there are experts who could do it quicker and better. Whether it is SEO, changes to your website or even bloggers who can turn your knowledge into content, it makes sense to get some outside help. In Digital Business Power you get the confidence of working with trusted partners and tools.

  • Learn to believe in yourself.
  • Master relationships and your emotions.
  • Laughter and being positive.
  • Creating friendships and falling in love.

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