When a good man becomes a Dad, his only desire is to be the best Dad ever. He doesn’t know how. He is confronted by the responsibility. He is excited by the opportunity.  He knows he has to make it work. He wants to be a Super Dad.

There are many great moments as a Dad. With any luck it works out. The family stays together, no-one gets ill or dies, and there is enough money to get by.

It can however all go to shit. It is when this happens that the classic bloke response is the worst thing possible for a Dad. “It will be alright. If I just keep going…it will all work out,”

The slow death of my marriage and then breakup is a long story I will tell elsewhere. The outcome though was a breakdown. Rock bottom. It is this point too many men reach, and as the rate of male suicide around the World goes up, it is clearly a dangerous place.

My Team Super Dad Vision

Team Super Dad was a vision I had whilst walking across a glazier on Gross Lockner, the highest mountain in Austria. It is September 2017. We were in a blizzard, cold with minimal visibility. I am tied by a rope to by best friend and guide, Athos, in front of me. The rope is in case either of us falls into a crevasse. Behind me, well, actually tied one by one behind me, are 10 Hungarians we met on the mountain. I should be scared but its actually quite calming. 

The crunch of ice, the whistling of the wind. I am focused on the rope and each step forward but my thoughts are all about the number of Dad’s trying to rebuild their lives after divorce and mental breakdown. I’m in it right now. It is hell. All consuming. As well as losing my wife and my dreams of growing old together, my business is screwed from lack of attention, and I am fighting to see my kids. Walking up a mountain in a blizzard is way more pleasant!

Two hours later we reached the climber’s hostel isolated in the mountain. As we close the door and enter the warmth, I urgently ask the lady for a pen and paper. I have to get these thoughts down. A pathway for my own recovery and a plan to help other Dads all over the World.

What Is Team Super Dad

Team Super Dad is about men fulfilling their potential and getting their life back on track. It could be any of us but it is especially challenging after divorce, separation or loss. More than anything it is about supporting each other and that includes laughing together. It is definitely not about nosing through crappy breakups. More the story of how we got through it, rebuilt and carried on being the best Dad possible.

There will be courses and meetups, parties and anything else from new music recommendations to cooking tips. We will get fit, make money, and find a way to fall back in love again. Firewalking is definitely going to be involved.

This is about doing life together.

Team Super Dad Podcast

The Team Super Dad podcast is in production and I am lining up guests, from coaches and trainers, to celebrity Dads, to everyday guys like the rest of us. It is a podcast where we will hang out, take the piss out of each other and get real on some important subjects.

There are Dad’s from all walks of life with a story to tell and we have to look out for each other. I’m hoping it will be really touching to hear how seemingly successful people have been through it and come out the other side. My World goal is to reduce male suicide, so no child grows up without their Super Dad.

If you want to be on the Team Super Dad podcast go to the booking sheet now.

How To Get In Team Super Dad

It is now May 2019. The foundations of Team Super Dad are coming together. Come over and like our Team Super Dad Facebook page and joing the Team Super Dad Community.

There will be paid parts coming, so that we can provide coaching and mentoring and run events. It is scary wondering if this can support me and my family as a business. There are other Dad initiatives around the World. In fact loads as I look and start to share my vision with others. Clearly, there are more men in need than we can help on our own. I heard one guy in his Facebook video say that there are 27million men in America trying to get proper access to their children. That is a lot of Dads.

I will keep sharing my journey and invite you to come on it with me. Please share this with others and let’s create something very special together as Team Super Dad.

Thanks ~ Jonnie Jensen

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