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I’m Jonnie Jensen. I am the founder of Team Super Dad and through 20 years of digital marketing experience, a digital marketing coach.

Whilst it might sound like digital marketing and a programme to help Dad’s live the life of their dreams, don’t go together, they surprisingly do! This website is a signpost to both worlds and I would love to help you in one or both of them.

My Story Today

It’s 2018. I’m 44. I’ve got nearly 20 years digital marketing experience and I’m bloody good at it. When clients follow my Digital Business Power program, it works and it’s exciting. I’ve structured it into a Mastermind group and new companies are entering all the time.

But… I had a vision in 2007. A niggling vision that won’t go away and year by year my life has left me more equipped than ever to achieve it. The vision was to open The Lodge; a retreat for men to reconnect with their ambitions and live their life in the Zone. It was a vision I shared with my fiance. Fast forward to October 2015 and nothing could have prepared me for the breakdown of that marriage. It is not an experience unique to me but it has opened me up to the challenges that men – and women – go through and inspired me to make a difference.

And so to today. Team Super Dad is my program and community for Dad’s looking to live the life of their dreams. Especially those rebuilding after divorce, separation or loss. Inside of that is Internet Business Dads, a training resource and worldwide community of people making money online. I’m inspired to reduce male suicide around the World and ensure that the rights of parents are equal, whatever gender they are.

Come and Join Me

I would love you to join me in Digital Business Power or Team Super Dad. If you are a women then your choices may be reduced until Team Super Mum arrives.

I’m pushing on with my life. It has been a roller coaster but those experiences leave me ready for the 45+ years. I have two wonderful kids and a strong relationship with my step-son. I’m fitter than I have ever been and I’m working on the idea of a new relationship. I’d like to have more fun and I need to transform my finances for later life. Basically, the same range of goals most Dad’s have.

Whatever your goals or challenges, join my on this journey and share my future successes. It will be my pleasure to work with you.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Working With Me

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Team Super Dad - the program and community for single Dads

Team Super Dad

Create Your Best Life Ever

Team Super Dad is about getting you back in the Zone. We do this by providing the knowledge, direction and support in the three key areas of the Super Dad life – Health, Wealth and Fun. Through our events, coaching and community we rebuild lives and have a lot of fun. Read more or click the button to join the free Facebook Group.

Digital Business Power

Achieve Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing is core to business success. It does not need to be hard work but for too many companies it is a painful stress. The Digital Business Power mastermind program creates a manageable process that delivers results for your business and supports your digital marketing person.

Internet Business Dads

Create Time, Money & Freedom

Create the income and lifestyle you desire by making money online. Internet Business Dads is a comprehensive training program and worldwide community that gives you everything you need to know to start your own online business lifestyle. With billions of people around the World not even using the internet yet, the opportunities are simply huge.